Essential Oils


By definition, essential oils are the vital (and aromatic) fluids of a plant, shrub, root, herb, flower, seed or tree. You can think of the oil as a plant’s “immune system”–it is essential to the life and health of the plant. Oils are typically extracted through careful steam distillation that ensures all the important therapeutic and health-giving constituents of the oil remain intact. You can read more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal process here.

We use them in our home for all the things! Wellness support & natural living.

Our team has a beautiful community of support, recourses and educations for anyone who joins as a wholesale member on our team.

a premium starter kit.jpg

If you are interested in joining my team, I would love it! Join with the link below.

The premium started kit is the way to go (how I got started), Its the best bang for your buck and has everything you need to get started. Even includes  wholesale discount!

Signing up for wholesale, you will get 24% off retail prices which is incentive alone!

Even if you never want to sell- wholesale is the way to go!

>>ENROLL with me here: and make sure the number 3482014 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.

Make sure you choose the wholesale option for those lower ordering prices!

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Consider Essential Rewards: When checking out with your starter kit, feel free to select “no thank you” for the ER or choose a package and ship them together for extra savings. If you don’t want a package and you just one to customize your own see below for instructions! I strongly recommend this! You get 10-20% back in points each month, you can purchase products that you would be buying anyways (shampoo, vitamins, toothpaste) while hitting that 100 PV (Product value – typically one point per one dollar) to get commissions, get discounted shipping and more! You do NOT have to sign up with a package, you can tailor it to meet your needs. This is the only way to make commissions if you are interested in building a business. Cancel anytime!!
Just go into Essential Rewards.
– Click, continue to autoship
– Click EDIT
– Click add product
– Click save

OPTION ONE// Wholesale Customer// – recommended

No renewal fee; simply purchase a minimum of $50pv of product per year and your account stays active
No order minimum – order whenever you like, as often as you like at 24% off retail prices.

Access to our teams private Facebook groups and fee classes.
Although Young Living calls their wholesale customers “Distributors” this does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils and there is absolutely no pressure to do so – ever.
Member number to share with friends; if they order using your member number, you’ll receive compensation (but, again, enrolling as a “Member” does NOT mean that you have to share oils with anyone; although, once you discover how wonderful they are, it will be hard not to tell your friends!)

OPTION TWO//Retail Customer//  here:

No starter kit required.
Order products whenever you would like (but pay 24% more than a wholesale customer. does not include private grops).
I love that these are both options because it makes it all about the products without any pressure whatsoever to “share” oils. However, I doubt you would regret enrolling as a wholesale customer (“Distributor”). The Starter Kit investment is very quickly recovered with the savings off of retail pricing.



If you have any questions, email me anytime



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